Feeling, Thinking, Acting

Feeling, Thinking, Acting
Three Basic Functions, a Persistent Tradition, Both?
Auke Tellegen, PhD
Presentation at the 2012 APA Convention

Presentation Summary: 

Classical and contemporary classifications of human activities include well-known “tripartite” models (such as cognitive-behavioral models of affect, cognition, and behavior). Six of these were selected and adapted for the present analysis.

A more recent 7th model was added: a 3-dimensional psychometric structure, the MMPI-2-RF dimensions of Emotional-Internalizing, Thought, and Behavioral-Externalizing Dysfunction, or EID, THD, BXD, respectively. Serving as a starting point, this model is examined in Part I.

In Part II, a joint exploratory content analysis of all 7 tripartite models is reported. Its results serve to determine whether and to what extent these diverse classifications combine into one overall tripartite structure. These results may also help gauge the broader significance of the EID-THD-BXD tripartition.

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Citation: Tellegen, A. (2012, August). Feeling, Thinking, Acting: Three Basic Functions, a Persistent Tradition, Both? Presentation made at the APA Annual Convention, Orlando, FL.